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New cassandra node not able to see all the nodes in other DCs



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      We were adding a new DC to existing cluster. We first started one seed node and we observed that this node after coming up does not show all the other nodes in other DCs. We checked the connectivity between this node and nodes in other DC which are not appearing in the nodetool status. It is all fine. On restarting the missing nodes start appearing. i.e to start with if we had 175 nodes in nodetool status as against the expected 190 nodes, on first restart it becomes 180 nodes, on second restart it becomes 183, on third restart it becomes 185 and so on before we get all 190 nodes in nodetool status.  This clearly indicates there is no network issue, as we get nodes one by one after restart.  


      We are able to reproduce this issue multiple times by adding new nodes in a new DC. It looks like a bug to us and hence reporting here. We observed this in 3.11.0 and 3.11.4. 




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