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multiple validation compactions on single table



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      In a 2 node cluster I'm observing that after a repair is started, any repairs started leaves validation compactions running on the coordinator node.

      The non-coordinator correctly rejects the repair with

      ActiveRepairService.java:525 - Cannot start multiple repair sessions over the same sstables

      but the coordinator did not. When testing to confirm the behavior I was able to increase the executing validations from 11 to ~18 running on the same table and an additional 17 [compactions] pending with high confidence they were pending validations. (see attached scrubbed files).

      Repairs were started with: nodetool repair – keyspace_01 table_02

      Initially I thought this might be fixed with CASSANDRA-14332, but that is a revert of changes from CASSANDRA-13797 which was released in 3.0.15 and I'm running 3.0.10 so shouldn't be affected. So far in the ~1.5 hours since noticing this I haven't been able to recreate the issue.

      I'm will soon be validating 3.0.18 and will retest with that release if I can figure out how to recreate.

      Environment Info:

      • Cassandra 3.0.10
      • Windows 10 / 4C8T / 16 GB DDR4 / JRE 1.8.191
      • Windows 7 / 4C8T / 16 GB DDR3 / JRE 1.8.191


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