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Website: Add Static Blogging / Article Publishing to cassandra.apache.org




      To make it easier for members of the community to share what's happening in Apache Cassandra, advertise meetups, and publish other article-style content, this patch enables simple blogging functionality via the static cassandra.apache.org site.


      How does it work?

      The patch uses Jekyll's built-in static blog functionality to add article-style publishing. It adds no dynamic content, and does not include commenting or a mechanism for accepting any user-generated content. It makes the following changes:

      – Adds a new layout file for a blog post listing and single-post detail view (+ supporting CSS).
      – Enables pagination of posts via `jekyll-paginate-v2`
      – Adds documentation on how to contribute.
      – And fixes a minor documentation issue specifying a Ruby version that conflicts with earlier guidance in the documentation.


      How do I write a post?

      The patch includes a /_templates folder with an example post to begin. Blog posts are written using Markdown. To write a new post, copy the template into /_posts, rename the file in keeping with the `MM-DD-YYYY-blog-post-slug.markdown` convention, add the title/date, and begin writing.

      These pages are generated via the existing build process documented in the README – `make serve` to preview, `make` to publish.


      What else should I know?

      The aim of this patch is to make it easy to write and publish. The "/blog" link is currently hidden from the top nav and no posts are included in this patch, but this can be enabled once the first article is ready.


      What's it look like?

      Screenshots of the generated post list view and single-post view attached.



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