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isSuper flag in cfstore is wrongly set in 0.7


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      In 0.7, following CASSANDRA-16, the isSuper in ColumnFamilyStore is not set correctly (if I'm correct).
      This is because when the model is applied (AddColumnFamily.applyModels()) the columnFamilyStore
      is created before the call to DataDescriptor.setTableDefinition. But the createColumnFamilyStore()
      function retrieve the columnType. This thus always return a null that end up in a "Super".equals(null)
      that always sets the flag to false.
      That being said, the isSuper flag of columnFamilyStore is never used.
      I propose thus to get ride of this flag completely since if needed in the future, the column type can
      always be retrieved from the table and cfname directly (the attached patch do just that).


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