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Unify the sort column and sort scope in create table command



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      1 Requirement
      Currently, Users can specify sort column in table properties when create table. And when load data, users can also specify sort scope in load options.
      In order to improve the ease of use for users, it will be better to specify the sort related parameters all in create table command.
      Once sort scope is specified in create table command, it will be used in load data even users have specified in load options.

      2 Detailed design
      2.1 Task-01
      Requirement: Create table can support specify sort scope
      Implement: Take use of table properties (Map<String, String>), will specify sort scope in table properties by key/value pair, then existing interface will be called to write this key/value pair into metastore.
      Will support Global Sort,Local Sort and No Sort,it can be specified in sql command:

      CREATE TABLE tableWithGlobalSort (
      shortField SHORT,
      intField INT,
      bigintField LONG,
      doubleField DOUBLE,
      stringField STRING,
      timestampField TIMESTAMP,
      decimalField DECIMAL(18,2),
      dateField DATE,
      charField CHAR(5)
      STORED BY 'carbondata'

      Tips:If the sort scope is global Sort, users should specify GLOBAL_SORT_PARTITIONS. If users do not specify it, it will use the number of map task. GLOBAL_SORT_PARTITIONS should be Integer type, the range is [1,Integer.MaxValue],it is only used when the sort scope is global sort.

      Global Sort Use orderby operator in spark, data is ordered in segment level.
      Local Sort Node ordered, carbondata file is ordered if it is written by one task.
      No Sort No sort

      Tips:key and value is case-insensitive.
      2.2 Task-02
      Load data in will support local sort, no sort, global sort
      Ignore the sort scope specified in load data and use the parameter which specified in create table.

      Currently, user can specify the sort scope and global sort partitions in load options, After modification, it will ignore the sort scope which specified in load options and will get sort scope from table properties.

      Current logic: sort scope is from load options
      Number Prerequisite Sort scope
      1 isSortTable is true && Sort Scope is Global Sort Global Sort(first check)
      2 isSortTable is false No Sort
      3 isSortTable is true Local Sort
      Tips: isSortTable is true means this table contains sort column or it contains dimensions (except complex type), like string type.

      For example:
      Create table xxx1 (col1 string col2 int) stored by ‘carbondata’ — sort table
      Create table xx1 (col1 int, col2 int) stored by ‘carbondata’ — not sort table
      Create table xx (col1 int, col2 string) stored by ‘carbondata’ tblproperties (‘sort_column’=’col1’) –- sort table

      New logic:sort scope is from create table
      Number Prerequisite Code branch
      1 isSortTable = true && Sort Scope is Global Sort Global Sort(first check)
      2 isSortTable= false || Sort Scope is No Sort No Sort
      3 isSortTable is true && Sort Scope is Local Sort Local Sort
      4 isSortTable is true,without specify Sort Scope Local Sort, (Keep current logic)

      3 Acceptance standard
      Number Acceptance standard
      1 Use can specify sort scope(global, local, no sort) when create carbon table in sql type
      2 Load data will ignore the sort scope specified in load options and will use the parameter which specify in create table command. If user still specify the sort scope in load options, will give warning and inform user that he will use the sort scope which specified in create table.

      4 Feature restrictions
      5 Dependencies
      6 Technical risk




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