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    • Affects Version/s: 2.8.3
    • Fix Version/s: 2.10.0
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      This ticket aims to resolve the issues already mentioned in [1], but just to name them ALL explicitly here:

      • Removal of the unused imports
      • Convert for loops to the enhanced one (supported since Java Tiger)
      • Removal of the obsolete "super();" call by the Constructors (Since JDK 1.0 compilers already do it inside the byte-code for free!)
      • Remove of all $NON-NLS$ tags
      • Removal of the unnecessary casts
      • Usage of the @Deprecated & @Override annotations where required (will be skipped because of the reasons Claus has already mentioned in his comment for the already provided patch)
      • Avoidance of the raw type declarations by the generified classes as much as possible
      • Removal of unused private memebers: Types, Constructors, Fields and Methods where applicable
      • Remove the trailing whitespace on all lines, even on the empty ones

      Add of missing serialVersionUID where required and default it to 1L where serialVersionUID has been already declared should be better postponed to the major 3.0.x release as otherwise the backward-compatility would be broken on the 2.x.y release branches.

      If you can think of other possible clean-ups as well you may like to propose for including, then please first better discuss it in [1] so that other commiters can better/faster/easier react on it.

      I'll provide the patches exactly in the same order as mentioned above.

      Right now on the trunk my used IDE (eclipse) reports 1991 warnings!



        1. CAMEL-4796-avoid-rawtypes-3.patch
          199 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        2. CAMEL-4796-avoid-rawtypes-2.patch
          230 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        3. CAMEL-4796-avoid-rawtypes.patch
          169 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        4. CAMEL-4796-@Deprecated-@Override.patch
          3.67 MB
          Babak Vahdat
        5. CAMEL-4796-remove-unnecessary-casts.patch
          48 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        6. CAMEL-4796-remove-$NON-NLS$.patch
          6 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        7. CAMEL-4796-obsolete-super-call.patch
          59 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        8. CAMEL-4796-enhanced-for-loops.patch
          32 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        9. CAMEL-4796-organize-imports-2.patch
          10 kB
          Babak Vahdat
        10. CAMEL-4796-organize-imports.patch
          157 kB
          Babak Vahdat

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