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      I've put together a basic component implementation for interacting with a Zookeeper Cluster ( Its a reasonably complete implementation, providing much of the available functionality of the 3.3.0 api. The main features being the abilities to

      • Creation of nodes in any of the ZooKeeper create modes.
      • Get and Set the data contents of arbitrary cluster nodes.
      • Create and retrieve the list the child nodes attached to a particular node.
      • A Distributed RoutePoilcy that leverages a Leader election coordinated by ZK to determine if exchanges should get processed.

      It's build against the Head of Zookeepers current release stream, 3.3.0. Zookeeper (Like the rest of the Hadoop project) uses a custom ant build and so there are no SNAPSHOTS. This is a bit of an impediment, but its likely that the Zookeepr project will cut a release before too long. In the meantime, to get some soak time in the real world, I've attached a freshly cut jar from the head today so you can try the component out. It can be installed using the following command.

      mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.apache.zookeeper -DartifactId=zookeeper -Dversion=3.3.0 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=zookeeper-3.3.0.jar

      I'm putting together some documentation and will be happy to add it to the wiki if the component gets picked up. I hope the project can find this useful.


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