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camel-micrometer - Include description in prometheus export



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      Even when we have description in camel-micrometer, then I do not see them in prometheus exporter (via camel-quarkus).

      A sample output is here, where the HELP only have human description for JVM metrics (not from Camel)

      # HELP CamelExchangesTotal_total
      # TYPE CamelExchangesTotal_total counter
      CamelExchangesTotal_total{camelContext="ChaosMonkey",routeId="route2",serviceName="MicrometerRoutePolicyService",} 19.0
      CamelExchangesTotal_total{camelContext="ChaosMonkey",routeId="route1",serviceName="MicrometerRoutePolicyService",} 15.0
      # HELP process_start_time_seconds Start time of the process since unix epoch.
      # TYPE process_start_time_seconds gauge
      process_start_time_seconds 1.66928575989E9
      # HELP CamelRoutesRunning_routes
      # TYPE CamelRoutesRunning_routes gauge
      CamelRoutesRunning_routes{camelContext="ChaosMonkey",eventType="RouteEvent",serviceName="MicrometerEventNotifierService",} 2.0
      # HELP jvm_buffer_count_buffers An estimate of the number of buffers in the pool
      # TYPE jvm_buffer_count_buffers gauge
      jvm_buffer_count_buffers{id="mapped",} 0.0
      jvm_buffer_count_buffers{id="direct",} 18.0
      # HELP jvm_info_total JVM version info
      # TYPE jvm_info_total counter
      jvm_info_total{runtime="OpenJDK Runtime Environment",vendor="Azul Systems, Inc.",version="11.0.13+8-LTS",} 1.0
      # HELP process_uptime_seconds The uptime of the Java virtual machine
      # TYPE process_uptime_seconds gauge
      process_uptime_seconds 75.098
      # HELP system_load_average_1m The sum of the number of runnable entities queued to available processors and the number of runnable entities running on the available processors averaged over a period of time
      # TYPE system_load_average_1m gauge
      system_load_average_1m 2.45947265625
      # HELP process_files_open_files The open file descriptor count
      # TYPE process_files_open_files gauge
      process_files_open_files 384.0
      # HELP jvm_threads_daemon_threads The current number of live daemon threads
      # TYPE jvm_threads_daemon_threads gauge
      jvm_threads_daemon_threads 18.0
      # HELP CamelExchangesSucceeded_total
      # TYPE CamelExchangesSucceeded_total counter
      CamelExchangesSucceeded_total{camelContext="ChaosMonkey",routeId="route2",serviceName="MicrometerRoutePolicyService",} 19.0
      CamelExchangesSucceeded_total{camelContext="ChaosMonkey",routeId="route1",serviceName="MicrometerRoutePolicyService",} 15.0
      # HELP jvm_threads_peak_threads The peak live thread count since the Java virtual machine started or peak was reset
      # TYPE jvm_threads_peak_threads gauge
      jvm_threads_peak_threads 94.0

      I am not sure if we need to do something more special in camel-micrometer. But it would be good to dive into the prometheus exporter from quarkus to track in the code how this works, so we can find out how.




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