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IntegrationTest in camel-salesforce-component is broken



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      Firstly, the way to setup salesforce server for integration test is out-of-data.
      With the latest ant-salesforce.jar and salesforce developer sever, we can't have


      in components/camel-salesforce/it/resources/CamelSalesforceIntegrationTests.connectedApp, only set salesforce.client.id and salesforce.client.secret in test-salesforce-login.properties is sufficient to run the test.

      When the salesforce developer sever is up, I can pass most part of the integration test, but got several failures

      [ERROR] Failures: 
      [ERROR] org.apache.camel.component.salesforce.BulkApiBatchIntegrationTest.testBatchLifecycle(BulkApiBatchIntegrationTest$BatchTest)
      [INFO]   Run 1: PASS
      [ERROR]   Run 2: BulkApiBatchIntegrationTest.testBatchLifecycle:103 Batch did not succeed ==> expected: <COMPLETED> but was: <FAILED>
      [ERROR]   BulkApiQueryIntegrationTest.testPkChunking:122 Query did not succeed ==> expected: <NOT_PROCESSED> but was: <FAILED>
      [ERROR]   BulkApiQueryIntegrationTest.testQueryLifecycle:70 Query did not succeed ==> expected: <COMPLETED> but was: <FAILED>
      [ERROR]   BulkApiQueryIntegrationTest.testQueryLifecycle:70 Query did not succeed ==> expected: <COMPLETED> but was: <FAILED>
      [ERROR] Errors: 
      [ERROR] org.apache.camel.component.salesforce.CompositeApiCollectionsIntegrationTest.upsert
      [ERROR]   Run 1: CompositeApiCollectionsIntegrationTest.upsert:158 » CamelExecution Exception o...
      [ERROR]   Run 2: CompositeApiCollectionsIntegrationTest.upsert:158 » CamelExecution Exception o...
      [ERROR] org.apache.camel.component.salesforce.CompositeApiTreeIntegrationTest.shouldSubmitTreeUsingCompositeApi
      [ERROR]   Run 1: CompositeApiTreeIntegrationTest.shouldSubmitTreeUsingCompositeApi:87 » CamelExecution
      [ERROR]   Run 2: CompositeApiTreeIntegrationTest.shouldSubmitTreeUsingCompositeApi:87 » CamelExecution
      [ERROR]   CompoundTypesIntegrationTest.testTypes:44->doTestTypes:74 » CamelExecution Exc...
      [ERROR] org.apache.camel.component.salesforce.HttpProxyIntegrationTest.testGetVersions
      [INFO]   Run 1: PASS
      [ERROR]   Run 2: HttpProxyIntegrationTest>CamelTestSupport.setUp:382->CamelTestSupport.doSetUp:528->CamelTestSupport.startCamelContext:754 » FailedToStartComponent
      [ERROR]   SalesforceJwtBearerTokenFlowIntegrationTest>CamelTestSupport.setUp:382->CamelTestSupport.doSetUp:528->CamelTestSupport.startCamelContext:754 » FailedToStartComponent
      [ERROR] Tests run: 137, Failures: 4, Errors: 5, Skipped: 0

      And they should be related to the DTO mismatch between the server and client, something like

      No such column 'Description__c' on sobject of type Merchandise__c

      But I have no clue what's wrong here. (I checked the Merchandise_c.java code and field Description_c actually is there, though this field is nillable. )


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