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many erroneous links in the doc



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      many erroneous links in the doc
      I manually passed all links on the page. I read the returns to make sure they were still valid.
      when there was manual redirection I followed the link to check it.
      here is the list of errors that I found.
      a not about fusesource. all fusesource links are redirected to www.jboss.org. this does not allow to find the targeted document.

      hoping that this can be helpful.

      Wild Flies and A Camel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8ZRE9DM3Es video not found
      Camel in the cloud using Fuse Fabric http://fuse.fusesource.org/fabric/ time out
      Getting started with Apache Camel - Video presentation from Javagruppen https://javagruppen.dk/index.php/moder/historiske-moder/285-javagruppemode-115-apache-camel-i-aarhus 404
      Apache Camel Essential Components by Christian Posta http://blip.tv/dzone/apache-camel-essential-components-6511579 Error 523
      CamelOne 2012 Videos - All the videos http://fusesource.com/apache-camel-conference-2012/camelone_speakers_2012/ and http://fusesource.com/apache-camel-conference-2012 redirect to jboss.org
      CamelOne 2011 Video presentations CamelOne 2011 conference (May 2011) all links redirected to jboss.org
      Paris JUG 2011 - Integration with Apache Camel and ESB by Charles Moulliard http://www.parleys.com/#id=2432&st=5&sl=0 blank page
      Belgium JUG 2011 - Integration with Apache ServiceMix and Camel by Charles Moulliard http://www.parleys.com/#id=2601&st=5 blank page
      Devoxx 2011 - Introduction to Apache ActiveMQ, ServiceMix https://devoxx.com/display/DV11/Introduction+to+Apache+ActiveMQ,+ServiceMix,+Camel+and+CXF blank page errors on html structure
      Devoxx 2010 talk http://www.parleys.com/#id=2158&st=5 blank page errors on html structure
      at Øredev 2008 conference http://www.oredev.com/ 404 not found
      Devoxx 2009 talk http://www.parleys.com/#sl=11&st=5&id=1577 blank page
      Medium Resolution http://open.iona.com/resources/video-archived-webinars/camel-screencast-1-medium-resolution/ unreachable
      High Resolution http://open.iona.com/resources/video-archived-webinars/camel-screencast-1-high-resolution/ unreachable
      Taking Camel for a ride http://bsnyderblog.blogspot.com/2008/05/activemq-and-servicemix-at-apachecon-us.html time out
      JavaZone Conference - Taking Apache Camel for a Rider http://www4.java.no/incogito/session/Taking+Apache+Camel+for+a+Ride.html time out
      Screencast/Demo of Smooks and Apache Camel processing UN/EDIFACT http://www.screencast.com/users/tfennelly/folders/Camtasia/media/c3cef9dd-e667-41ac-8597-74ca01d39968 Not found
      Facebook integration Apache Camel http://screencasts.chariotsolutions.com/facebook-integration-using-apache-camel not found
      Advanced AEM Search - Consuming External Content http://www.circuitdevcon.com/en/session-videos/aem-search-apache-camel.html HTTP ERROR 503

      Integration with Apache Camel - Part I - Will get you over http://jaxenter.com/jax-magazine/JAX-Magazine-2013-05 not found
      Simple DSL OSGi bundle example by Andrej Koelewijn http://www.andrejkoelewijn.com/wp/2008/10/19/simple-camel-dsl-osgi-bundle-example/ not found
      Realization of EAI Patterns with Apache Camel by Pascal Kolb http://elib.uni-stuttgart.de/opus/volltexte/2008/3520/pdf/STUD_2127.pdf OPUS-ID 3520 nicht gefunden! (redirect error)
      First step with Apache Camel by Lukasz Budnik http://jee-bpel-soa.blogspot.com/2009/12/first-steps-with-apache-camel.html Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.
      LEGO Java: Apache Camel Context and Route Basics http://www.canoo.com/blog/2011/03/14/lego-java-apache-camel-context-and-route-basics/ not found
      LEGO® Java (II): Apache Camel Error Handling, http://www.canoo.com/blog/2011/03/16/lego-java-ii-apache-camel-error-handling-java-beans-and-web-services/ not found
      What is Camel? a short blog http://bushorn.com/what-is-camel/ Error establishing a database connection
      A bit more meat: Camel applied : JMS to File http://mikemclean.ca/muse/2009/05/a-bit-more-meat-camel-applied-jms-to-file/ not found
      Spring Remoting with JMS Example on Amin Abbaspour’s Weblog the second link http://searjeant.blogspot.com/2009/02/camel-routes-and-hl7.html Le blog a été supprimé blog removed
      Camel routes and HL7 by Roger Searjeant http://searjeant.blogspot.com/2009/02/camel-routes-and-hl7.html => blog removed
      Leverage EIP with Apache Camel and Twitter http://blog.brunoborges.com.br/2009/03/leverage-eip-with-apache-camel-and.html ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      Camel, CXF and JMS by Example by Silvester van der Bijl http://blog.software-art.nl/2009/11/15/camel-cxf-and-jms-by-example/ time out
      A simple file monitoring console with camel, cometd and jquery http://www.andrejkoelewijn.com/wp/2009/10/27/simple-log-console-with-camel-and-cometd/ not found
      A composite REST service using Apache Camel by Andrej Koelewijn http://www.andrejkoelewijn.com/wp/2010/06/13/a-composite-rest-service-using-camel/ not found
      Using Apache Camel to route SOAP calls through message queues by Glen Mazza http://www.jroller.com/gmazza/entry/camel_jms_and_soap time out
      Using Apache Camel to route SOAP calls through message queues by Glen Mazza http://www.jroller.com/gmazza/ time out
      Apache Camel Example Application - Earthquake Mashups http://blog.srvme.de/2011/01/30/apache-camel-example-application-earthquake-mashup/ Diese Domain ist unkonfiguriert.
      Transforming and splitting huge EDI files using Smooks and Camel http://www.catify.com/2011/03/29/transforming-and-splitting-huge-edi-files-with-smooks/ not found
      JDBC Persistence for Camel Aggregator http://labs.bsb.com/2011/04/jdbc-persistence-for-camel-aggregator/ Site non installé (uninstalled domain)
      TCP proxy with Apache Camel http://scottcranton.blogspot.com/2011/04/socat-is-so-cool.html blog removed
      Process driven Froms with Apache Camel and websockets http://www.catify.com/2011/06/06/process-driven-form-with-apache-camel-and-websockets/ not found
      Website mashup with Apache Camel http://blog.nanthrax.net/2011/07/website-mashup-with-apache-camel/ not found
      Hot Standby failover for Apache Camel by Christian Schneider http://www.liquid-reality.de/x/XYBe not found
      Camel and MongoDB: a match made in heaven http://blog.raulkr.net/2012/06/camel-and-mongodb-match-made-in-heaven.html not found
      Some Camel Stuff - A blog post from February 2013 by John Källström http://j0hnk.github.com/blog/2013/02/04/some-camel-stuff/ not found
      Designing and Implementing our Camel-based mgm Cosmo Router http://blog.mgm-tp.com/2013/04/camel-router-part1/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      Lessons learned from using Apache Camel, MTOM and JMS http://blog.avisi.nl/2013/05/28/lessons-learned-from-using-apache-camel-mtom-and-jms/ not found
      Camel CXF Component – WSDL First Example https://code.notsoclever.cc/camel-cxf-component-wsdl-first-example/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      Camel CXFRS Component - Simple REST http://code.notsoclever.cc/camel-cxfrs-jdbc-rest-example/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      From inside the code: Camel RouteBuilder and Java DSL http://www.christianposta.com/blog/?p=249 not found
      From inside the code: Camel Routing Engine Part I http://www.christianposta.com/blog/?p=323 not found
      Testing with Apache Camel - Blog post from April 2014 http://bushorn.com/unit-testing-apache-camel/ Error establishing a database connection
      Using Camel, CDI inside Kubernetes with Fabric8 http://using%20camel%2C%20cdi%20inside%20kubernetes%20with%20fabric8/ invalid url
      How to use Maven with Apache Camel from February 2017 https://integrationwire.com/camel/maven/ not found

      Implementing Fuji integration scenario using Camel SE by Louis Polycarpou http://blogs.sun.com/polyblog/entry/camel_fuji not found
      Camel + Smooks from the official Smooks blog http://blog.smooks.org/2010/02/22/apache-camel-smooks/ not found
      Smooks OSGI: Camel, UN/EDIFACT, ServiceMix https://dzone.com/links/smooks_osgi_camel_unedifact_servicemix.html manual redirect to http://blog.smooks.org/2011/02/19/smooks-osgi-revisited/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      ServiceMix bridge to IBM WebSphereMQ http://www.answerconsulting.com/blog/davisond/servicemix-bridge-to-websphere-mq/ not found
      Use remote EJB in Camel routes by Jean-Baptiste Onofré http://blog.nanthrax.net/2011/08/use-a-remote-ejb-in-camel-routes/ not found
      Use Camel, CXF and Karaf to implement batches by Jean-Baptiste Onofré http://blog.nanthrax.net/2011/08/use-camel-cxf-and-karaf-to-implement-batches/ not found
      Karaf Tutorial Part 5 - Running Apache Camel integrations in OSGi by Christian Schneider http://www.liquid-reality.de/x/G4Bk not found mouved to http://liquid-reality.de/Karaf-Tutorial/05/
      Communication between two remote Camel routes using Apache Karaf Cellar by Jean-Baptiste Onofré http://blog.nanthrax.net/2012/02/communication-between-two-remote-camel-routes-using-karaf-cellar/ not found
      Tools for building a real time analytics platform http://blog.avisi.nl/2013/07/01/tools-for-building-a-real-time-analytics-platform/ not found
      camunda BPM + Apache Camel: Integrating two Open Source frameworks http://camundabpm.blogspot.it/2013/09/camunda-bpm-apache-camel-integrating.html?m=1 blog removed
      Running Camel on EAP - by Christian Posta http://www.christianposta.com/blog/?p=396 not found
      A universal Streamer for Apache Ignite based on Apache Camel http://raul.io/a-universal-streamer-for-apache-ignite-based-on-apache-camel/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      Ingesting Filebeat Data Into Your Apache Camel Flow http://ingesting%20filebeat%20data%20into%20your%20apache%20camel%20flow/ invalid url

      Camel and Groovy
      Groovy and Grape - easiest way to send gtalk message with Apache Camel http://www.andrejkoelewijn.com/wp/2009/02/28/groovy-and-grape-easiest-way-to-send-gtalk-message-with-apache-camel/ not found

      Camel and Scala
      Apache Camel’s Scala DSL explored http://blog.avisi.nl/2013/01/07/apache-camels-scala-dsl-explored/ not found

      Camel and the IoT (format : should be bold)
      The IoT in the service of the environment using Apache Camel & JBoss A-MQ http://bushorn.com/iot-service-environment-using-apache-camel-jboss-mq/ Error establishing a database connection

      Comparison to Camel’s Competitors
      Light-weight, open-source integration: Apache Camel or Spring Integration? by Christian Posta http://www.christianposta.com/blog/?p=327 not found

      Presentations on Apache Camel
      Implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel http://family-hildebrandt.com/eduard/eip_with_apache_camel/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      Dead Simple Integration with Apache Camel http://www.chariotsolutions.com/slides/pdfs/ete2009-camel-for-ete-2009.pdf not found
      Claus Ibsen’s Apache Camel presentation at the FUSE community http://fusesource.com/ redirect to jboss.org
      FuseSource presentations on Camel http://fusesource.com/community/events/ redirect to jboss.org
      Devoxx 2010 - Slides from the presentation http://devoxx.com/display/Devoxx2K10/Apache+Camel,+a+powerful+open+source+integration+framework blank page errors in html
      Introduction to Apache Camel is a nice set of slides http://fusesource.com/collateral/91 redirect to jboss.org
      CamelOne 2013 - CamelOne conference http://camelone.com/apache-camel-conference-2013/camelone_agenda_2013/ not found
      Developing Cloud Reday Camel Microservices - Video from JBCNConf 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PIJ6ODxAPE video not found

      The Basement Coders Episode 14 - Apache Camel http://basementcoders.com/?p=684 time out
      Podcast James Strachan - Mr Apache Camel http://cloudevangelist.org/2013/02/18/podcast-james-strachan-mr-apache-camel/ not found
      Google Plus Apache Camel community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106271384875356488225 G+ ends of service
      EIP printable flashcards http://fusesource.com/fuse/enterprise-integration-patterns/ redirect to jboss.org
      The Top Twelve Integration Patterns for Apache Camel Reference Card at DZone by Claus Ibsen http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/apache-camel-update not found
      The Apache Camel Components Poster => all links not found

      Christian Schneider’s Blog http://www.liquid-reality.de/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=131134 not found http://liquid-reality.de/Karaf-Tutorial/
      Raul Kripalani’s Blog http://raul.io/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      Robert James Liguori’s Blog http://robertjliguori.blogspot.com/ blog removed
      Tracy Snell’s Blog http://code.notsoclever.cc/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

      Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) in Apache Camel (Spanish) by Gema Perdiguero http://www.tecsisa.com/index.igw?item=1628 not found
      Apache Camel integration in ServiceMix (Spanish) http://www.tecsisa.com/index.igw?item=1629 not found
      Apache Camel: Enterprise Integration met scripttalen en DSLs (Dutch) http://blog.finalist.com/2009/03/30/apache-camel-enterprise-integration-met-scripttalen-en-dsls/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
      A practical example of using Camel and Groovy to post russian currency rates on Twitter http://github.com/dulanov/cbrru-agent not found
      Apache Camel for beginners - In polish http://www.programistamag.pl/magazine/show/18 not found


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