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Mina2 Producer "hang" until timeout if the response message could not be decoded



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    • 2.18.1
    • 2.17.6, 2.18.3, 2.19.0
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      I have tried to upgrade from camel 2.16 to 2.18 and run into an issue with camel-mina2. It looks like CAMEL-10024 has maybe introduced this issue.

      The scenario which fail:
      A Mina2 producer send a request to a server, the server provide a response which could not be interpreted/decoded by a custom codec on the producer side (e.g. due to invalid encoding).

      Expected behavior:

      • The Exception from the decoder on the producer side will be directly propogated to the caller. The mina2 session will be closed.

      Current behavior:

      • Instead of the exception from the decoder, the producer wait until the timeout is reached and the caller get a timeout exception after the timeout is reached.

      First analysis:
      I have attached a patch for the camel-mina2 module which contain a test org.apache.camel.component.mina2.Mina2CustomCodecTest.testProducerFailInDecodingResponse() to reproduce this issue.

      If i revert the changes done within CAMEL-10024, the test run correct. If I debug into the new code, i see that the producer "hang" in Mina2Producer.closeSessionIfNeededAndAwaitCloseInHandler(IoSession)closeLatch.await(timeout, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS); which was introduced with CAML-10024.

      I could not yet provide a fix as well, since I don't really understand the details of CAMEL-10024. But hopefully my testcase helps to fix this issue.


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