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Building maven plugin should be easier


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.7
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      Building the maven integration plugin should be an automated task - right now, the developer must manually copy jars to his local maven repo.

      Ideally, the whole Cactus should be build with Maven, but while that doesn't happen, we need a workaround. We have at least 2 options:

      1.Modify root's build.xml to copy the JARs to the local repo
      2.Modify maven.xml on integration/maven to do both jobs.

      Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages:

      Ant approach

      • D: requires a lot of Ant coding (once you get used to Maven, is hard to bo back to the task of writing Ant targets
      • D: it needs to check if user has maven installed, if $MAVEN_REPO, exists, etc...
      • A: the process would be transparent for the maven integration module

      Maven approach

      The main issue with the Maven approach is that we have a chicken-egg p roblem: we would be copying the jars to the repo using maven, but maven wouldn't run because the dependencies check would fail. The solution would be overriding the jars on and creating a postGoal on plugin:install to copy the jars.

      • A: easier to implement
      • A: the process would be isolated to the maven integration module
      • D: overriding the jars is kind of a hack solution

      If we opt for the maven approach, I can work on a patch (well, I could do the same for the Ant approach too, but I rather not touch those evil scripts

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