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GitHub doesn't recognize Apache Brooklyn license



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      GitHub uses a library called Licensee to identify a project's license type. It shows this information in the status bar and via the API if it can unambiguously identify the license. Licensee is currently unable to recognize Apache Brooklyn's license type.

      This is in part due to the fact that the LICENSE file doesn't contain the full text of the Apache license (i.e., it is missing the Appendix at the end of the license).

      A simple fix might involve the following steps:

      • restoring the Appendix to the end of the Apache license text in the LICENSE file
      • removing all text preceding the beginning of the license text in the LICENSE file
      • updating the README to include a "License" section, which would store the text that was removed from the beginning of the LICENSE file. This could read as follows: 
      ### License
      This software is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0, copyright (c) The Apache Software Foundation and contributors. Please see the LICENSE file for (1) the full text of the Apache License, followed by (2) notices for bundled software and (3) licenses for bundled software.

      (For repositories licensed with the Apache License, Licensee is unable to detect the correct license type unless the LICENSE file begins with the full text of the Apache license.)

      For comparison purposes, here is the output that I get when I run Licensee locally on Apache Brooklyn's remote repo:

      $ licensee detect https://github.com/apache/brooklyn
       License: Other
       Matched files: LICENSE
       Content hash: 5717ab47e05db42d81bdfc383a1ae6b9a53b67f4
       License: Other
       Closest licenses:
       Apache-2.0 similarity: 74.91%
       ECL-2.0 similarity: 73.37%
       EPL-2.0 similarity: 48.59%

      And here is the output that I get when I run Licensee on my local Apache Brooklyn clone (in which I have made the changes listed above):

      $ licensee detect ../brooklyn/
      License:        Apache License 2.0
      Matched files:  LICENSE, README.md
        Content hash:  4f3dee90d3ff02d566b067c25982c2bfd7e360c1
        Confidence:    100.00%
        Matcher:       Licensee::Matchers::Exact
        License:       Apache License 2.0
        Content hash:  b77b21d0aa303586e2f6ccc1dd72133caad05ac1
        Confidence:    90.00%
        Matcher:       Licensee::Matchers::Reference
        License:       Apache License 2.0
        Closest licenses:
          WTFPL similarity:  23.88%
          Zlib similarity:   19.05%
          MS-PL similarity:  18.89%


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