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Add a console client for hedwig


    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.0
    • Component/s: hedwig-client
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      implement a console client to use/admin hedwig system.

      Usage : hedwig_console [options] COMMAND [argument ...]

      (if no COMMAND specified, hedwig_console will enter interactive mode.)


      --zkquorums the quorum list of zookeeper cluster
      --zktimeout timeout of zookeeper client
      --zk_hedwig_prefix the prefix of zookeeper path to store hedwig metadata
      --region which region of hedwig to connect
      --consume_interval the consume interval of hub server


      • pub <topic> <message>
        • Publish <message> to the specified <topic>.
      • sub <topic> <subscriber_id> [mode]
        • Subscribe the specified <topic> as subscriber <subscriber_id>. (NOTE: only run in INTERACTIVE mode now)
        • mode: subscription mode. available values are 0, 1, 2.
          • 0 = CREATE : create the subscription if not subscription before.
          • 1 = ATTACH (default) : attach the subscription
          • 2 = CREATE_OR_ATTACH : if the subscription is not existed, create the subscription then attach.
      • closesub <topic> <subscriber_id>
        • Close subscription of subscriber <subscriber_id>. (NOTE: it just close the subscription connection and do cleanup work in client-side, without REMOVING subscription state from server side)
      • unsub <topic> <subscriber_id>
        • Remove subscription state of subscriber <subscriber_id>. the subscription state of subscriber <subscriber_id> will be removed from server side.
      • consume <topic> <subscriber_id> <num_messages_to_consume>
        • Move the subscription ptr of subscriber <subscriber_id> from ptr to ptr + num_messages_to_consume.
      • consumeto <topic> <subscriber_id> <message_id>
        • Move the subscription ptr of subscriber <subscriber_id> from ptr to <message_id>.
        • NOTE: consume*/*consumeto just sent consume request to hub server and hub server move the subscription ptr in its memory. Hub server lazily persists the subscription ptr to zookeeper. the default persist interval in hub server is 50 messages. so use DESCRIBE TOPIC to show subscription, the subscription ptr might be not changed.
      • pubsub <topic> <subscriber_id_prefix> <timeout_secs> <message_prefix>
        • A test command to test healthy of hedwig cluster.
        1. sub <topic> as subscriber <subscriber_id_prefix>_<cur_time> .
        2. subscriber <subscriber_id_prefix>_<cur_time> will wait a message until <timeout_secs> secs.
        3. publish a message <message_prefix>_<cur_time> to topic <topic> .
        4. when subscriber <subscriber_id_prefix> receive the message, it will check the message is the published message
        5. received message or timeout, subscriber <subscriber_id_prefix> will unsubscribe the <topic>
        6. quit

      [hedwig: (standalone) 7] pubsub ttttttttt test 10 test_message
      Starting PUBSUB test ...
      Sub topic ttttttttt, subscriber id test-1319602021044
      Pub topic ttttttttt : test_message-1319602021044
      Received message : test_message-1319602021044
      SUCCESS. Finished 0.058 s

      • show hubs
        • list all available hub servers. including hostname and how many topics the server owns.


      Available Hub Servers: : 2

      • show topics
        • list all existing topics. (NOTE: since we fetch topic lists from zookeeper, we may got PacketLenException when we have millions of topics. it doesn't affect system, just can't display the topic list)
      • describe topic <topic>
        • show state of a specified topic, including topic owner, topic persistent information, topic subscriber list and their subscription states.


      ===== Topic Information : ttttt =====

      Owner :

      >>> Persistence Info <<<
      Ledger 54729 [ 1 ~ 59 ]
      Ledger 54731 [ 60 ~ 60 ]

      >>> Subscription Info <<<
      Subscriber mysub : consumeSeqId: local:50

      • readtopic <topic> [start_msg_id]
        • read messages of a specified <topic>.
          • no <start_msg_id> specified : readtopic will start from <least_consumed_message_id> + 1 of its subscribers. in above exmaple, "readtopic ttttt" will start from 50. if there is no subscription, it will start from 1.
          • <start_msg_id> specified : since messages consumed will be removed by garbage collection. so readtopic tries to not read consumed message, it will start from MAX( <start_msg_id> , <least_consumed_message_id> ).
          • Message Format
            • MsgId : include two parts: first part is which region the message is published from, second part is message id.
            • SrcRegion : region name
            • Message : the message body

              ---------- MSGID=LOCAL(51) ----------
              MsgId: LOCAL(51)
              SrcRegion: standalone


      • history
        • list history commands
      • redo [<cmdno>|!]
        • redo the specified command by command no. (NOTE: "*redo *" means redo the previous command)
      • help
        • print help information
      • quit|exit
        • exit the interactive console


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