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    • Affects Version/s: 4.1.0
    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.0
    • Component/s: hedwig-server
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      LedgerHandle uses a Semaphore(opCounterSem) with a default value of 5000 permits to implement throttling for outstanding requests. This is causing a deadlock under high load. What I've observed is the following - There are a fixed number of threads created by OrderedSafeExecutor(mainWorkerPool in BookKeeper) and this is used to execute operations by PerChannelBookieClient. Under high load, the bookies are not able to satisfy requests at the rate at which they are being generated. This exhausts all permits in the Semaphore and any further operations block on lh.opCounterSem.acquire(). In this scenario, if the connection to the bookies is shut down, channelDisconnected in PerChannelBookieClient tries to error out all outstanding entries. The errorOutReadKey and errorOutAddKey functions enqueue these operations in the same mainWorkerPool, all threads in which are blocked on acquire. So, handleBookieFailure is never executed and the server stops responding.

      Blocking operations in a fixed size thread pool doesn't sound quite right. Temporarily, I fixed this by having another ExecutorService for every PerChannelBookieClient and queuing the operations from the errorOut* functions in it, but this is just a quick fix. I feel that the server shouldn't rely on LedgerHandle to throttle connections, but do this itself. Any other ideas on how to fix this? I'd be happy to contribute a patch.

      1. BK-215.patch_v4
        21 kB
        Sijie Guo
      2. BK-215.patch_v3
        29 kB
        Sijie Guo
      3. BK-215-check-deadlock.patch
        52 kB
        Sijie Guo
        3 kB
        Sijie Guo
      5. BK-215.patch_v2
        22 kB
        Sijie Guo
      6. BK-215.patch
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        Sijie Guo
      7. hedwig_ts.log
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