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Component Lead Description
blueprints Issues relating to constructions of blueprints for Bigtop components
build All build/make related issues
debian Issues relating to Debian packaging
deployment Issues relating to deployment code
docker Docker related issues
documentation Project documentation, Wiki, etc.
general Issues relating nfrastructure or other non-build matters.
hadoop Issues related to Hadoop packaging in Bigtop
hbase Issues related to HBase packaging in Bigtop
hive Issues related to Hive packaging in Bigtop
hue hue packaging, and misc
ignite Issues related to Ignite IMC component
Init scripts Issues related to init scripts
pig Apache Pig
ppc64le Issues relating to the Power 8 64 Bit litte endian port
provisioner Issues related to Bigtop Provisioner
rpm Issues relating to RPM packaging
solr Issues related to Solr packaging in Bigtop
spark Issues related to Spark packaging in Bigtop
tez All stuff around Tez
toolchain Toolchain: what you need to develop Bigtop
utils Bigtop utils for runtime, etc.
vm Issues related to virtual machines and other kind of appliances
website site changes and fixes