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Documentation for how to create smoke test for new open source project and what test need to add as compare to open source test code



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      Documentation for how to create smoke test for new open source project in Bigtop and what test needs to be added as compare to open source test code.

      i.e. For knowledge and understanding, I need to add custom open source project on Bigtop, say i wanted to add "Apache Arrow" on Bigtop for study purpose on my vm for ubuntu ppc64le

      So was referring "mahout" "https://github.com/apache/mahout/" open source code testing files which have 12-15 Test.java files and I was comparing functions defined in it with Bigtop smoke test for "mahout" package which had only had 3-4 test functions in it.

      Question 1: I am not aware why Bigtop smoke test does not add other test functions too which "mahout" open source code test file have.
      Question 2: Also was comparing test functions in open source test java file for "mahout" with smoke test in Bigtop for "mahout", but could not understand it and was not able to find similar functionality. Please check below example for details of what i found:

      Comparison of Bigtop smoke test:
      1. Bigtop smoke test for mahout:
      For reference, gone through bigtop smoke test for “mahout” hadoop project which Bigtop have already integrated, following are observations:
      In Bigtop smoke test for “mahout” Hadoop project, there are 2 files “build.gradle” and “TestMahoutExamples.groovy” wherein groovy file contains test as below:
      @Test(timeout = 900000L)
      public void clusterControlDataWithCanopy()

      { _clusterSyntheticControlData("canopy"); }

      For “mahout” independent git hub code i.e. ./integration/src/test/java/org/apache/mahout/clustering/cdbw/TestCDbwEvaluator.java, contains test as:
      public void testCanopy() throws Exception

      { ClusteringTestUtils.writePointsToFile(sampleData, getTestTempFilePath("testdata/file1"), fs, conf); DistanceMeasure measure = new EuclideanDistanceMeasure(); CanopyDriver.run(getConfiguration(), testdata, output, measure, 3.1, 2.1, true, 0.0, true); int numIterations = 10; Path clustersIn = new Path(output, "clusters-0-final"); RepresentativePointsDriver.run(conf, clustersIn, new Path(output, "clusteredPoints"), output, measure, numIterations, true); CDbwEvaluator evaluator = new CDbwEvaluator(conf, clustersIn); // printRepPoints(numIterations); }

      I can see different code in Bigtop smoke test for mahout and different code in open source code for "mahout" beside they have similar test function name.? Can you please explain if i need to customize for other project say apache arrow, than what need to be added in Bigtop smoke test?If some document available or can you please explain how to write smoke test and what files need changes from scratch.? Also why all Test*java files given in open source "mahout" are not added in Bigtop smoke test and how to differentiate what need to be added.?
      Also what is itest framework and how to write test code.




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