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Bigtop linkage and support for Linux on the Power platform

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      Linux on Power


      IBM and SiteOx are working together to establish system availability to allow general use of Bigtop on Power Linux systems, allowing developers the ability to access the environment on Power hardware.

      The benefit is that this expands Bigtop to other platforms, and it helps us by making it easy for developers to check whether their code works across platforms.

      (This topic was brought up 2 days ago, 13-July, on the general bigtop user mailing list; this gira is being opened to track questions and activity/requirements in order to establish this).

      In a nutshell: Hardware is already available at SiteOx and is ready to install and make publicly available. We'd like to understand exactly what procedures to follow in setting these VMs up, at which time we'd subsequently be happy to see Bigtop's main website point to the installation for people to use.


        1. libprotobuf8_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb
          304 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        2. libprotobuf-dev_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb
          466 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        3. libprotobuf-java_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_all.deb
          380 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        4. libprotobuf-lite8_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb
          66 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        5. libprotoc8_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb
          237 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        6. libprotoc-dev_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb
          288 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        7. LOG-download
          258 kB
          David Clissold
        8. protobuf-compiler_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb
          36 kB
          Olaf Flebbe
        9. python-protobuf_2.5.0-9ubuntu1_all.deb
          68 kB
          Olaf Flebbe

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