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Add dynamic menus, update, links, modern CSS to bigtop site.



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      Its a good time, pending BIGTOP-1311, to overhaul the website. This will help us to grow a larger community around bigtop, right now.

      For this JIRA Lets focus on :

      1) modernizing the CSS so the site "looks cool". I know it sounds arbitrary, but we all know what "good" sites look like, so lets make the bigtop html pages look like a first class website.

      2) clarify the 4 main things bigtop brings to hadoop. possibly in a diagram:

      • provisioning (puppet, vagrant, etc),
      • testing
      • packaging
      • feeding back info to the individual ecosystem projects.

      3) Update any the links where necessary.

      4) Update the "users of bigtop" page. I think now there are many projects which use bigtop bits which might have not yet made a public announcement.

      Heres a list of steps anyone interested in working on it. I think this could be a great intro project for someone new and interested in contributing to bigtop.

      Steps to complete this JIRA

      1) First implement the changes above.
      2) Test it by doing mvn site:site , and open the index.html page created in target/
      3) Post the patch here for review
      4) Commit the patch and then see the last bit of BIGTOP-1311 jira for directions on deploying it to staging, and pushing it up to full deployment.


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