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URLs in response from XmlHttpRequestServlet for XHTML doc contain '&' char


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: V1Beta
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    • Component/s: NetUI
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      Here's a boundary case issue...

      When the html-amp-entity element is set to false in the
      beehive-netui-config.xml, the URLs in the response from
      XmlHttpRequest contain '&' char rather than the "&"
      entity, even when the original DocType is XHTML.

      For example, an XHTML document type page with trees whose
      properties included runAtClient=true and expandOnServer=true,
      the XML document segments returned in the response from
      the XmlHttpRequestServlet has URLS with the '&' character
      as the parameter separator in the query.

      The problem is that the request being handled by the
      TreeCRI (our RequestInterceptor) calls directly into
      the TreeRenderer. This response is just a document fragment
      that does not have a <netui:html> element defining a
      document type set on an Html tag. Usually in a JSP
      page we add the Html tag object to the request so that
      it can be pulled from the request to query the doc
      type. In this case we have no doc type in the request
      and can not tell the URL rewriting process that the
      URL is for XML. Then the rewriting just falls back to
      the default logic of checking for the html-amp-entity
      setting in beehive-netui-config.xml.

      We need to either have another mechanism for setting and
      getting the doc type from the request that can be used
      between the TreeCRI and the TreeRenderer or maybe just
      mock up an Html tag instance to set on the request. There
      are some other options that will fix this but may not be
      very elegant.

      I don't think this needs to be done for 1.0 but will
      let the committers process this as appropriate.

      To reproduce, add the following to the


      Then run the TestRecorder recorder test for J519.

      cd netui/test/webapps/drt
      ant start &
      ant -Dplayback.list=J519 playback


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