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Decouple gvt from bridge so clients can build their own graphics node trees



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      I'd like the batik bridge package to function more like a Builder or Abstract
      Factory pattern from the Design Patterns book so that 3rd parties could take
      advantage of the existing reader code in bridge to build their own graphics node
      implementations. (Note that the book also contains a "Bridge" pattern, but I
      don't think batik.bridge is that kind of bridge. It seems more like an Abstract
      Factory) The builder/factory would build a tree of graphics nodes of which gvt
      would be one implementation. To accomplish this I'm trying to create an abstract
      factory layer between gvt and bridge so new clients can create their own object
      trees by subclassing the abstract factory classes.

      I'm not a batik expert, so I'm looking for feedback on whether this project
      seems doable and/or desireable, and if so, on implementation issues. I've done a
      skeletal first pass of creating the abstraction. In the attached code I've
      created a new package, org.apache.batik.bridge.gnode, which includes a set of
      interfaces that encapsulate the gvt-specific method calls made from the bridge
      classes. I've refactored some of the bridge classes so they only reference the
      new gnode interfaces, and I've moved some gvt-dependent bridge classes to a new
      package, org.apache.batik.bridge.gvt. (that may not be the best place for them,
      but that's where they are now). Those classes are dependent on gvt.

      I've also created 'demo.batik.bridge.myvt' which contains factory classes to
      build trees of objects from package 'demo.myvt'. I've only refactored a small
      bit of the existing classes. I'm posting this here to see if I can get feedback
      on what I've done so far. Thanks for your comments.


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