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Enhancements in the wmf transcoder package



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.8
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Operating System: other
      Platform: All


      The wmf transcoder package lacks some functionalities, so often the conversion
      from standard Metafiles generated by MS PPT shows a lot of differences from the

      I have enhanced / hacked the actual transcoder code (as of version 1.6) and
      added / corrected the following functionalities :

      • manage SVG images size (currently the transcoder keeps the virtual Metafile
        size, which is very large)
      • manage fonts whose charset is different from the standard Latin (ex: Greek)
      • manage text size and decoration (style, alignment, strikeout, underline,
        escaping, clipping, background)
      • manage stroke width and dash pattern
      • fill with hatched and textured patterns
      • draw bitmaps enclosed in Metafiles
      • correction of some errors when the size of a WMF record generated by PPT is
        greater than expected
      • add some of the WMF record type that are not handled by Batik 1.6

      I wish to donate the associated attached code to APACHE.

      attachements are :

      • path file for the modifications of Batik classes
      • text file for some test classes that can be useful to test the modifications
        and view the structure of any WMF files
      • some test cases :
      • testChart.wmf : text decorations, stroke width and dash patterns, fill with
        hatched and textured patterns
      • testGreek.wmf : charsets
      • blackShapes.wmf : PATBLT record
      • BatikWMF.wmf : images


        1. wmfTranscoder.patch
          256 kB
          Hervé Girod
        2. test_classes.txt.txt
          86 kB
          Hervé Girod
        3. source_map.txt.txt
          5 kB
          Hervé Girod
        4. testChart.wmf
          4 kB
          Hervé Girod
        5. textGreek.wmf
          1 kB
          Hervé Girod
        6. BatikWMF.wmf
          216 kB
          Hervé Girod
        7. black_shapes.wmf
          2 kB
          Hervé Girod
        8. wmfTranscoder_2.patch
          257 kB
          Hervé Girod
        9. test_textDecorations.txt.txt
          5 kB
          Hervé Girod
        10. wmfTranscoder.patch
          260 kB
          Hervé Girod
        11. imageWMF.wmf
          217 kB
          Hervé Girod

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