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SVG rendering is offset and/or missing.



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      We are using Batik 1.6. Our Java application GUI uses mutliple JSVGCanvas
      components to render various SVG's to help our users. Depending on the panel
      that is being displayed, about 2-8 JSVGCanvas components are displayed. During
      the display of these SVG's we are seeing some of the SVGs render offset from
      the upper left hand corner. In some cases resizing the panel that the SVG is in
      causes the SVG to render properly. Other times no amount of resizing/repainting
      will cause the SVG to display properly. It's almost like the SVG canvas is
      caching bad coordinates and doesn't release them, even on the resize. We can
      reproduce this problem consistently with our application but do have test

      We have spordically seen a similiar or maybe the same problem where the SVG
      does not appear to render on the JSVGCanvas. Not sure if the image is rendering
      but outside the viewport of the panel so that it does not display at all.

      Our temporary workaround, is to first display a 'loading' SVG and then display
      the real SVG in the canvas. This seems to always work but it's not very

      Our application instaniates the JSVGCanvas, does a setURI(..), and then adds
      the panel to a parent panel that is then displayed. This takes place multiple
      times depending on the number of SVG's being displayed.




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