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      1)send attachment
      for example, the client will attach three files to the web service.
      a) The first file exists and is not empty
      b) The second file doesn't exist or it is empty.
      c) The third file exists and is not empty

      when the server receives the SOAP message, it will try to detach
      these files. But the server only can detach the first file and can
      not detach the third file. When I used the TCP MONITOR to trace the
      SOAP message, the first MIME contains the content of the first file;
      the second MIME is empty; the third MIME contains the content of the
      third file. I also check what is the content in corresponding binary
      node, I found the binary node in both second and third attachment
      node are NULL.

      2)send back attachment
      If the server would like to send back the attachment to the client in case of SEND-AND-RECEIVE message pattern, it seems that the server can not attach these files. When I used the TCP monitor to trace the SOAP message, no any MIME in the SOAP reply even if I enable the MTOM options in the server program. When I read some doucments, it seems tha tthe OPTIONS only can associate with CLIENT. How can I associate the OPTIONS with the server as well?


        1. test.c
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          yong yang
        2. client.c
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          yong yang
        3. axis2.h
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          yong yang
        4. axis2.c
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          yong yang
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          Styphinson Toms - TLS , Chennai



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