1. Axis2



Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Bug AXIS2-2702 Codegen issues for operation with multiple faults of same type
Bug AXIS2-2957 ADB. Time of addition of elements into array proportionally to a Sum!
Bug AXIS2-4968 Inconsistent wsdl2java generation with IBM JDK

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug AXIS2-5719 Unable to generate webservice client when ‘wsdl:part’ defined with attribute ‘type’ instead of ‘element’ using wsdl2code plugin
Bug AXIS2-4297 java org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2Java -d jaxbri creates unreachable code in <ServiceName>
Bug AXIS2-4551 AxisOperationFactory.getAxisOperation(int mepURI) returns the wrong AxisOperation instance for MEPs

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased 1.7.0  
Unreleased nightly  
Unreleased 1.6.4