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Produce Axis2 documentation in a form suitable for printing and offline reading



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      I'm sure the people who work with Axis2 regularly, either as users or developers of the framework, believe that the state of the project documentation is perfectly fine. What the Wiki-style documentation lacks, however, is the ability to ingest the documentation in a printable and readable form.

      The Wiki is perfectly fine as a reference, but it's not very useful for many people who want something more. I'm sure the new Axis2 book will sell well, because it's probably the only form of Axis2 documentation in that form that anyone can get a hold of.

      If you examine the model of the Spring and Hibernate projects, they produce a very readable offline documentation set that someone can use to read about the details of the project in a form that is convenient for them.

      I also believe that even if you agree with me, that the Axis2 project needs a good printable (and up to date) documentation set, you would likely agree that this would take a lot of work to produce. I would also agree with that. It's a task that may never be completed. However, as I didn't see an issue reported that addresses this question, I felt I should at least file this, to get this on the record.




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