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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4, nightly
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5.4, 1.6.0
    • Component/s: documentation
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      The following patch will move image006.jpg (welcome page) from bullet 2 to bullet 3 where it belongs. Also correct horizontal alignment.

      [tsee@bean @axis2_version_dir@]$ svn diff installationguide.xml
      Index: installationguide.xml
      — installationguide.xml (revision 654096)
      +++ installationguide.xml (working copy)
      @@ -296,22 +296,23 @@
      WAR file. (Some servlet containers may require a restart in order
      to capture the new web application. Refer to your servlet container
      documentation for more information.)
      -<p align="center"><strong><img src="images/clip_image006.jpg" alt=
      -"" /></strong></p>
      <li>Once the WAR is successfully installed, test it by pointing the
      web browser to the <strong>http://&lt;host
      :port>/axis2.</strong> It should produce the following page
      -which is the <strong>Axis2 Web Application Home Page</strong>.</li>
      +which is the <strong>Axis2 Web Application Home Page</strong>.
      +<img src="images/clip_image006.jpg" alt= "" />
      <li>Use the link "Validate" to ensure that everything is running
      correctly. If the validation fails then the WAR has failed to
      install properly or some essential jars are missing. In such a
      situation, refer to the documentation of the particular servlet
      container to find the problem. The following page shows a
      successful validation. Note the statement that indicates the core
      -Axis2 libraries are present.</li>
      +Axis2 libraries are present.
      +<img src="images/happyaxis.jpg" />
      -<p align="center"><img src="images/happyaxis.jpg" /></p>
      <a name="upload" id="upload"></a>
      <p><strong>Note:</strong> For any Application server specific
      installation information please refer to the <a href=




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