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Bad namespaces in serialized beans in doc/literal


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      win xp, jdk 1.4.2, jboss 3.2.5


      It seems that AXIS (latest CVS) doesn't serialize properly complex
      objects (beans) when in doc/literal.

      More precisely it doesn't handle as it should a SOAP body with multiple namespaces, as shown in the following exemple :
      (I've come upon this problem trying to return a tree structure from a
      web service)

      The service is a TreeProvider defined as

      class TreeProvider {
      private Node root;
      public Node getTree()

      { return root; }


      Node being a very simple bean with two attributes : id and name.

      class Node {
      private String id, name;
      public string getName()

      { return name; }


      Node and TreeProvider are in 2 different packages
      "com.knowesis.ws.TreeProvider" and "com.knowesis.tree.Node" ( left out for brevity).

      In the constructor of TreeProvider the root node is initilized as
      id="root", name="root".

      The deploy.wsdd is :

      <service name="TreeProvider" style="document" use="literal">

      <parameter name="className" value="com.knowesis.ws.TreeProvider"/>
      <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="getTree"/>

      <beanMapping xmlns:data="urn:AthanorWS:data" qname="data:Node"


      the service gets deployed ok and the types section in the auto-generated wsdl looks like this :

      <schema elementFormDefault="qualified"

      <complexType name="Node">
      <element name="id" nillable="true" type="xsd:string" />
      <element name="name" nillable="true" type="xsd:string"

      <schema elementFormDefault="qualified"

      <import namespace="urn:AthanorWS:data" />
      <element name="getTreeReturn" type="tns1:Node" />

      notice the the two namespaces (and this is how it should be) and the
      elementFormDefault="qualified" for the two schemas.
      A getTree() invocation results in :

      <getTreeReturn xmlns="urn:AthanorWS:ws">

      The contents of the generated body is not valid with respect to the wsdl specified schemas.

      "id" and "root" elements are in the same namespace as "getTreeReturn"
      (urn:AthanorWS:ws) instead of being in their own "urn:AthanorWS:data"
      namespace :

      <getTreeReturn xmlns="urn:AthanorWS:ws">
      <id xmlns="urn:AthanorWS:data">root</id>
      <name xmlns="urn:AthanorWS:data">root</name>

      As a direct consequence a generated .Net client simply refuses to
      deserialize the response and always returns an empty answer.


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