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BufferUtils#doesDataHandlerExceedLimit needs review


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      The code in BufferUtils#doesDataHandlerExceedLimit has several issues and should be reviewed:

      1) The code never closes the InputStream requested from the DataSource. This might have unexpected consequences if the DataSource is a FileDataSource.

      2) The code assumes that there are DataSources that can only be read once. Indeed the code in BufferUtils#getInputStream throws an exception if the input stream returned from the DataSource doesn't support mark ("Stream does not support mark, Cannot read the stream as DataSource will be consumed."). This is plain wrong, because by definition a DataSource can be read several times (this is the very reason for the existence of this interface). If there are DataSource implementations that can be "consumed", i.e. read only once, they need to be fixed.

      3) The code assumes that the end of stream is reached when InputStream#available() returns 0. This is wrong.

      4) doesDataHandlerExceedLimit tries to establish a lower bound on the DataSource size by reading data from it. This is suboptimal, because in most cases this can be achieved without actually reading a single byte from the data source:

      • If the DataSource is a FileDataSource, it is possible to get the File object and the size of the DataSource can be determined from the file size. This is much less costly than to open the file and read data from it.
      • InputStream#available() can always be used to get a lower limit on the stream size. For a ByteArrayDataSource this actually returns the size directly.
      • InputStream#skip can be used to advance in the stream without reading from it.

      Only if the InputStream implementation returned by the DataSource neither implements available nor skip (this is possible), it is necessary to actually read the data.




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