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Avro OCF support for non-seekable stream.



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      Azure Data Lake Analytics


      The Microsoft Azure environment supports saving Apache Avro files from an Event Hub via a feature called Event Hub Capture. The Event Hub Capture feature can be configured to Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS).

      When saving files to ADLS it is common to use Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) to run batch processing jobs in U-SQL over the raw storage files. When doing this ADLA supports extractors that can deal with the format of the file (e.g. Avro OCF) and extract file contents for downstream manipulation and filtering.

      An issue I have encountered with the existing csharp implementation is that the DataFileReader relies on the provided stream to support seeking. However, the stream provided by ADLA does not support seeking. This leaves the integrating developer with 2 options...

      1. is to read the entire stream in to memory and provide a memory backed stream to the DataFileReader. This is not ideal as files can be large and consuming a lot of memory at once during processing may have undesired affects on ADLA's ability to process files in parallel, as resources are of course limited.
      2. is to enhance the DataFileReader to be able to work with streams that are not seekable. With respect to this option I have implemented a short-term workaround that can wrap a non-seekeable stream and allow seeking in the pattern employed by the DataFileReader until this feature has been reviewed and potentially implemented. My workaround is brittle and subject to breaking as the DataFileReader evolves and is not the desired long term approach to dealing with this issue.

      Also note that I have submitted a comment to the Avro support form for ADL regarding their lack of support for seekable streams.
      How can we improve Microsoft Azure Data Lake?
      Add support for seekable streams in Azure Data Lake Analytics.



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