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Add an avro-tool to count records in an avro file



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      If you're dealing with bigger avro files (>100MB) it would be nice to have a way to quickly count the amount of records contained within that file.

      With the current state of avro-tools the only way to achieve this (to my current knowledge) is to dump the data to json and count the amount of records. For bigger files this might take a while due to the serialization overhead and since every record needs to be looked at.

      I added a new tool which is optimized for counting records, it does not serialize the records and reads only the block count for each block.

      Naive benchmark
      # the input file had a size of ~300MB
      $ du -sh sample.avro 
      323M    sample.avro
      # using the new count tool
      $ time java -jar avro-tools.jar count sample.avro
      real    0m4.670s
      user    0m6.167s
      sys 0m0.513s
      # the current way of counting records
      $ time java -jar avro-tools.jar tojson sample.avro | wc
      331439 54904484 1838231743
      real    0m52.760s
      user    1m42.317s
      sys 0m3.209s
      # the overhead of wc is rather minor
      $ time java -jar avro-tools.jar tojson sample.avro > /dev/null
      real    0m47.834s
      user    0m53.317s
      sys 0m1.194s

      This tool uses the HDFS API to handle files from any supported filesystem. I added the unit tests to the already existing TestDataFileTools since it provided convenient utility functions which I could reuse for my test scenarios.


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