Commons Attributes

Commons Attributes

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Gary Gregory committed 1668443 (1 file)
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Add missing due-to attributes in changes.xml.

ate committed 1630676 (18 files)
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SCXML-210: align <send> action attributes support and handling with the latest specification:

commons trunk
Oliver Heger committed 1591092 (1 file)
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[CONFIGURATION-573] Added a test for namespaces.

The test checks whether XPathExpressionEngine now handles expressions
referencing nodes and attributes with namespaces correctly.

Oliver Heger committed 1588818 (3 files)
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NodeModel.clearTree() now returns information about removed elements.

This is necessary to correctly populate a CLEAR_TREE event for hierarchical
configurations. InMemoryNodeModel here returns a list with QueryResult objects
for the nodes or attributes selected by the key passed to clearTree().

Oliver Heger committed 1585192 (2 files)
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ImmutableNode now allows setting multiple attributes at once.

A method was added which expects a map with attributes to be set. This is
required for more complex update operations.

Benedikt Ritter committed 1572919 (2 files)
Benedikt Ritter committed 1572915 (612 files)
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Move Commons Attributes to dormant

commons root:
Oliver Heger committed 1565796 (2 files)
Oliver Heger committed 1563463 (2 files)
Oliver Heger committed 1563458 (2 files)
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Added QueryResult class.

This class represents the results of a query() operation of an
ExpressionEngine. Results can be both nodes and attributes.

ate committed 1561916 (1 file)
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SCXML-190: Check and enforce required scxml element attributes as defined by the spec,
- checks for <foreach> element added
TODO: when support for <<raise> is added, also add checks for its required attributes (id)

ate committed 1561899 (3 files)
Mark Thomas committed 1507227 (3 files)
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Switch GKOP to using an MXBean so the pooled objects can be exposed without having to register each of the individually in JMX.
Remove the list of keys from the interface as a) the key class almost certainly won't be available to the JMX client and b) other attributes include key lists in their results.
Add a method to expose all the objects currently in the pool.