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Governance Engine OMAS



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      Governance Engine OMAS is one of multiple consumer-centric based interfaces that will be added to Apache Atlas, & provides the API (REST and messaging) to support policy enforcement frameworks such as Apache Ranger. Detailed knowledge of the Atlas data models and structure can then be hidden from these consumers.

      The functionality of gaf includes

      • ability to retrieve classifications associated to assets
      • restricted to "interesting" classifications
      • restricted to interesting assets being managed by the requesting endpoint
      • to retrieve a list of interesting roles that relate to enforcement
      • to retrieve any template rule definitions/lookup tables that might be used to construct executable rules

      The scoping constructs supported in the API will include

      • Only get classifications that are relevant for security enforcement (ie: only those inheriting from a specified supertype? Verify in ATLAS-1839)
      • only get information about assets (resources) in a certain part of the datalake (Q: HOW. By zone? How to specify? by asset type? By associated endpoint?)
      • pagination

      See ATLAS-1839 for more information on the model and classifications

      In the Atlas data model classifications propagate - for example

      • An database column DOB has no explicit classification
      • It's containing table CDB is classified as "customer personal details"
      • The "SPI" classification is attached to this table with the value "sensitive"

      At enforcement time all that an engine such as ranger cares about is that the column "DOB" is sensitive, how we got there isn't important. In the example above the propogation occurs

      • Along the assigned term relationship
      • along the structural containment relationship (table->column)

      Therefore gaf omas will "flatten" the structure - so in this case we'll see
      table/CDB - SPI:sensitive
      column/DOB - SPI:sensitive

      There will be cases where multiple classifications (of the same type) can be navigated to from an asset like DOB. This may not make logical sense, however, Until precedence is resolved in ATLAS-1839 & related Jiras, OMAS will pass through multiple classifications

      This interface will also support message notifications of changes to managed resources such as a new role, classification. A single kafka topic will be used.

      A first pass swagger can be found at https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/planetf1/GovernanceActionOMAS/0.1

      NOTE: Updated 23 Aug with new name of GOVERNANCE ENGINE OMAS


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