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artemis run - allow isolation class loader to be disabled

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      When using artemis with a jvm agent that needs to interact with the broker, the broker api classes need to be on the jvm classpath.

      At the moment, the Artemis run command always executes the broker main with an isolating classloader that only peeks at the lib and lib/extra dirs. The only entry on the classpath is the boot jar. This makes sense in a shared environment, isolation is good.


      In a container, where there is full control of the env, it makes sense to be able to trust the classpath, and a single classloader allows any agent dependencies to easily found/resolved.


      The underlying use case is the jolokia jvm agent integrated with the artemis jaas callback handler, such that the agent can properly integrate with broker auth/authz


      the ask is for a simple way to disable or extend the isolation classloader, either a system property of command line option. The system property may be the simplest.



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