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AbstractServiceReferenceRecipe - why is *tracked* attribute closed on stop?



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    • JBoss Fuse 630396 (blueprint.core-1.8.0), camel 2.17.0,¬†windows


      I'm experiencing difficulties with osgi service references - I'm unsure if this is the right way of asking about it - but I'll give it a try.

      I've got 2 bundles - lets call them Producer and Consumer. Producer produces an OSGI service, and Consumer uses it, via blueprint reference:

      <reference id="myTestService" interface="com.foo.TestService" timeout="30000"/>

      When the producer is restarted, Consumer's reference starts pointing to the old version of the service, instead of the new one, and stays in that state until I manually restart the consumer. This only happens under the condition that I use Camel and it's @BeanInject annotation to inject the service into a bean.
      I've debugged this quite a lot, but I'm not very familiar with the codebase. I've managed to track the problem down to AbstractServiceReferenceRecipe#tracked attribute, which ends up with closed = true, and keeps that way forever. This happens when BlueprintContainerImpl#processProcessors calls untrackServiceReferences. I can provide a test project, with 3 bundles - Producer, Consumer (in which the problem occurrs) and ConsumerWithoutCamel (which works fine), if necessary.

      I tried to fix this by commenting out tracked.close() in AbstractServiceReferenceRecipe#stop, but I fear that this will have other side effects, which I can't forsee with my level of familiarity with this framework
      Maybe the author of Tracked class - gnt - could help?

      Thank you very much,

      Rastislav Papp




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