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Redelivery counter is not maintained across Session.close()


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.5.1
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      If a message enters a redelivery cycle of e.g. 10 maximum redelivery attempts, and the session is closed halfway through it (e.g. after consuming attempt 5), the next time the session is established and the message is consumed, it will have RedeliveryCount=2 rather than 6. As a result, the message will end up being materially redelivered 14 times, thus exceeding the configured maximum.

      With the current set up, where it's the consumer-side AMQ logic who is in charge of tallying up the redelivery attempts and sending back the Poison ACK, it seems that there is a missing command when the session is being closed gracefully from consumer -> broker informing of the redelivery counters of messages in redelivery process.

      If the session was being closed suddenly, I suppose to some extent it would be okay to miscount the redeliveries, since there was no chance to execute a closure process for the client to update the broker accordingly.

      This is also a case for AMQ to support broker-controlled redeliveries (see AMQ-3597).

      Unit test reproducing the problem is attached.


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