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      linux, rpm-based



      • Create separate rpm maven project
      • move config, scripts, documentation from the jar project

      14:57 < Sherriff> Have you thought about distribution with for example rpm?
      14:58 < Sherriff> gtully: It seems to be working a lot better without systemUsage and destinationPolicy defined. Thanks alot
      14:58 < rajdavies> Sherriff: yeah - would be a good idea
      14:59 < Sherriff> rajdavies: Do you use Maven2 to build it now?
      14:59 < rajdavies> Sherriff: yep
      15:00 < Sherriff> Cool.
      15:00 < Sherriff> If you would like I can set up an rpm-project based on appassembler-m-p and unix-m-p.
      15:01 < Sherriff> for you.
      15:01 < rajdavies> Sherriff: that would be awesome!
      15:02 < Sherriff> It use Java Service Wrapper and some (a bit outdated doc) can be found here:
      15:02 < Sherriff> The project setup would then be 1. jar-project and 2. rpm-project.
      15:03 < Sherriff> 2. Would contain config file, readmes, etc. and the start/stop scripts are generated by appassembler.

      I can probably do most of the work since I already have working rpm setup that I use for other projects.

      1. jamesc-apache-activemq-activemq-5.3.2-3-0-ga901aeb.tar.gz
        5 kB
        James C
      2. activemq-rpm_standalone-project.tar.bz2
        156 kB
        Erik Drolshammer
      3. activemq-rpm.tar.bz2
        156 kB
        Erik Drolshammer


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