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JMX: QueueView.getMessage(messageId) returns null on valid messageId


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.1.0
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    • Component/s: JMX
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      Windows XP SP2, JDK 6 update 10


      I am trying to use JConsole to get a specific message from one of my queues and I always get null...
      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Start AMQ web console.
      2. Create a new queue "test";
      3. Send a text message to the queue.
      4. Copy the message ID from browser.
      5. Open JConsole, select AMQ JVM
      6. Browse to MBeans > Queue > test > Operations
      7. Paste the message ID in the textbox next to getMessage and press the button to invoke the method.

      Expected result: the message in full details
      Actual result: null

      Note: getMessage works fine though in the following scenario:
      1. Use JConsole to invoke sendTextMessage on the "test" queue.
      2. A new message ID is returned; copy it;
      3. Invoke getMessage using the new message ID; the message is returned, as expected
      4. Refresh the web page, so the new message is now visible
      5. Invoke getMessage with the same message ID; the method returns null;
      So as long as I don't touch the web browser, getMessage works...


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        Followed the steps as described, getMessage worked fine.

        Timothy Bish added a comment - Followed the steps as described, getMessage worked fine.
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