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AMQ Restore from Persistent Storage Breaks Queue Counters


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: 5.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: NEEDS_REVIEW
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      Linux quintin 2.6.20-gentoo-r6-quintin #5 SMP Tue Sep 18 15:17:40 SAST 2007 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux


      I setup ActiveMQ with the attached configuration (AMQ persistent storage). Then I start ActiveMQ, post a few object messages., Stop it via Ctrl+C, and start it again. After I start it, it recovers the messages (the consumer reads and processes them), but using the web console shows that the queue is empty.

      I am referring to: http://localhost:8161/admin/queues.jsp

      After the consumer processed them, it shows a negative number by the number of messages.

      Ex. I produce 50 messages and stop the server. Now the counter on the ActiveMQ web console shows 0 "Number of Pending Messages". I then start ActiveMQ again and produce 5 more messages. Now "Number of Pending Messages" shows 5.
      Then I run the consumer and it processes 55 messages. The "Number of Pending Messages" is now "-50" (negative 50).

      Output when I start ActiveMQ the second time.
      ACTIVEMQ_HOME: /opt/activemq-5.0.0
      ACTIVEMQ_BASE: /opt/activemq-5.0.0
      Loading message broker from: xbean:activemq.xml
      INFO BrokerService - Using Persistence Adapter: AMQPersistenceAdapter(/opt/activemq-5.0.0/amqdata)
      INFO BrokerService - ActiveMQ 5.0.0 JMS Message Broker (localhost) is starting
      INFO BrokerService - For help or more information please see: http://activemq.apache.org/
      INFO AMQPersistenceAdapter - AMQStore starting using directory: /opt/activemq-5.0.0/amqdata
      INFO ManagementContext - JMX consoles can connect to service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/jmxrmi
      INFO KahaStore - Kaha Store using data directory /opt/activemq-5.0.0/amqdata/kr-store/state
      INFO AMQPersistenceAdapter - Active data files: []
      WARN AMQPersistenceAdapter - The ReferenceStore is not valid - recovering ...
      INFO KahaStore - Kaha Store successfully deleted data directory /opt/activemq-5.0.0/amqdata/kr-store/data
      INFO AMQPersistenceAdapter - Journal Recovery Started from: DataManager:(data-)
      INFO KahaStore - Kaha Store using data directory /opt/activemq-5.0.0/amqdata/kr-store/data
      INFO AMQPersistenceAdapter - Recovered 73 operations from redo log in 0.137 seconds.
      INFO AMQPersistenceAdapter - Finished recovering the ReferenceStore
      INFO TransportServerThreadSupport - Listening for connections at: tcp://quintin:61616
      INFO TransportConnector - Connector openwire Started
      INFO TransportServerThreadSupport - Listening for connections at: ssl://quintin:61617
      INFO TransportConnector - Connector ssl Started
      INFO TransportServerThreadSupport - Listening for connections at: stomp://quintin:61613
      INFO TransportConnector - Connector stomp Started
      INFO TransportServerThreadSupport - Listening for connections at: xmpp://quintin:61222
      INFO TransportConnector - Connector xmpp Started
      INFO NetworkConnector - Network Connector org.apache.activemq.transport.discovery.multicast.MulticastDiscoveryAgent@cd83d8 Started
      INFO BrokerService - ActiveMQ JMS Message Broker (localhost, ID:quintin-35665-1210174126885-0:0) started
      INFO TransportConnector - Connector vm://localhost Started
      INFO log - Logging to org.slf4j.impl.JCLLoggerAdapter(org.mortbay.log) via org.mortbay.log.Slf4jLog
      INFO log - jetty-6.1.4
      INFO WebConsoleStarter - ActiveMQ WebConsole initialized.
      INFO /admin - Initializing Spring FrameworkServlet 'dispatcher'
      INFO log - ActiveMQ Console at
      INFO log - ActiveMQ Web Demos at
      INFO log - Started SelectChannelConnector@




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