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Auto start: Maintenance mode of components should be respected when handling agent registration.




      Even if a service or component is set to auto start but is in maintenance mode, it should not auto start. Components in maintenance mode (because host/service is in maintenance mode) should not be enabled for auto start.

      Current implementation:
      In the current implementation we have both enabledComponents and disabledComponents. To determine if a specified component is enabled for recovery, an inclusive and exclusive test against enabledComponents and disabledComponents is used. There is no support for excluding a component in maintenance since that state is not available to the agent.

      To determine if a component marked for auto start is in maintenance state, it's maintenance state has to be queried from the server, which makes it cumbersome and agent managed.

      New design:
      1. Components to be enabled for auto start must be explicitly specified as comma separated values in the enabledComponents section of the recovery configuration.
      2. During agent registration, the server will determine if each of the components marked for auto start is in maintenance mode or not and filter the list before sending the list (enabledComponents) in the recovery configuration to the agent.


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