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Hard to see/print configuration changes that will be performed as part of an Upgrade



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      Had a suggestion on one of the screens observed during Express Upgrade. This was from upgrade of HDP 2.1.15 to 2.3.2

      In below screen we print the values of configuration changes that would be applied. The suggestion is to either provide a "Print" option in this screen or maximize button - because it was hard to read the values while scrolling down in the view.

      As you can see the smaller scroll bar (on the left) requires a lot of scrolling to read through the entire list of config changes. Customer would be interested to know what would change after the upgrade and hence a smooth navigation across this screen is important. Another point is while you scroll, the column header are not preserved - see second image; this may also need to be fixed to freeze the top row - so as to provide a good user experience


      I propose doing the following:
      1. Make this popup much bigger so that we can see more info.
      2. Add "Open" option so it pops up in a new tab, in text format (much like how you can pop out stdout/stderr on Background Op Tasks details). If the user wants to print, he/she can print from this view.


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