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Enhance Stack Advisor to support Blueprint recommendation



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      StackAdvisor component as of now can recommend and validate component layout and configurations. Precisely, we can
      request StackAdvisor API for any of these recommendations (host_groups, configurations, configuration-dependencies).

      StackAdvisor has got the host specific resouce details (memory, cpu, disks, os type, etc.,) but it does not use these details while recommending the host-component mapping though configuration recommendation is making use of it.

      Applications/Service Providers that are using Amabri Rest API/Blueprints to provision and manage Hadoop clusters will largely benefit if Stack Advisor component is enhanced to address following GAPs

      • Support for Heterogenous hosts (Master, Slaves, Clients)
      • Provide both host group and configuration recommendations in same blueprint output response instead of requesting one at
        a time (as of now we can request one of the following - host_groups, configurations, configuration-dependencies not a combination/al of them)
      • Provide HA blueprint recommendation in stack advisor (creating handcrafted blueprint without using StackAdvisor limits
        the potential of StackAdvisor component)
      • Recommend appropriate hosts to services based on the host resource availability and service resource requirements


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