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Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased 0.18 Likely version for 1.0
Unreleased master
Unreleased 0.17 Latest master branch
Released 0.16 Apache Airavata 0.16 release
Released 0.15 SSH based submissions
Released 0.14 Initial integration of Workflow with Thrift based API
Unreleased 0.13 Initial release of App Catalog
Unreleased 0.12 Thrift Interface to Airavata
Released 0.11 Execution API with thrift
Released 0.10
Released 0.9 Security and JGlobus Upgrade Release
Released 0.8 Security enabled release
Unreleased 1.0 Stable Production ready Backward compatible release
Unreleased WISHLIST Just open ended release without any tagged release
Released 0.7 Airavata Service API
Released 0.6 Airavata Registry Service
Released 0.5 Production ready beta release
Released 0.4-INCUBATING Big fix release and feedback from early users.
Released 0.3-INCUBATING Third incubator release, ready to be integrated into development environments
Released 0.2-INCUBATING Second incubator release with bug fixes from first one and minor features