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Component Lead Description
Airavata API Public Facing API for all Airavata Capabilities
Airavata Client An API exposed by external parties to use the Airavata APIs through clients
Airavata Job Monitor shameera Shameera Rathnayaka This is the core monitoring component of Airavata
Airavata Labs Experimental Airavata Code
Airavata Orchestrator shameera Shameera Rathnayaka Component to do orchestration between gfac and Client
Airavata Orchestrator Service This is the thrift orchestrator service
Airavata System
Application Catalog Repository for all Application and Workflow Descriptions
Distribution Release distribution
GFac shameera Shameera Rathnayaka GFac - an application wrapper service that can be used to wrap command line-driven applications into web services.
Integration Tests Integration tests which are cutting across multiple modules and tests the functionality of Airavata as a whole
MetCat MetCat project currently developed as Apache Extras project
PGA PHP Web Gateway Airavata PHP Reference Gateway
Registry API All issues pertaining to Registry
Security The component is responsible for handling security related features relevant to Airavata
Website/Documentation Tasks related to website improvement and add documentation
Workflow Engine
Workflow Interpreter Workflow Interpreter Server
Workflow Tracking Tracking Library for workflow monitoring and managing
WS-Messenger Implements the WS-Eventing and WS-Notifications specifications and incorporates a message box component that facilities communications with clients behind firewalls and overcomes network glitches.
XBaya XBaya Workflow GUI for workflow composition and monitoring
XRegistry Migration Moduleto migrate XRegistry entries to Airavata Registry