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      One of the most widely known hallucinogenic mushrooms on the planet for its psychotropic impacts is the Mexican Psilocybe. It is a types of psilocybin mushroom that comes from the Strophariaceae household. It is a variety of fungus endemic to the Mesoamerican region, so it can not be discovered in other places in the world. Its unique properties made it be used greater than 2.000 years back by pre-Hispanic societies. Today many people utilize this mushroom for its hallucinogenic properties.This expression equates as "mushroom of God." It is a fungus that has a structure in such a way that it grows directly from the ground.The materials that all hallucinogenic mushrooms have and that make them have these results they are the psychoactive substances called psilocybin and psilocin. El Mexican Psilocybe It has numerous cells inside the stem that can offer a color varying from ocher to dark purplish. The active concept of these mushrooms establishes 0.003% of all its content, which makes it regarding 0.3% drying material. As a whole, all the fungi that contain these energetic concepts were established in subtropical and also tropical regions, taking advantage of soils with a high content of smoke and also organic matter with a large amount of plant debris. Presently, there are still some groups of people in the main area of Mexico that use this psilocybe mexicana mushroom in their typical rites.By having these energetic principles they usually have psychedelic, entheogenic or hallucinogenic results. These results depend upon the dose and the person at all times.




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