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SciGaP admins, Gateway admins/PIs communicating with gateway users

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      This task is to handle and implement communication between SciGaP team (Gateway providers) and gateway users.

      1. Multiple groups of gatew users are available.
      2. Gateway user groups are admin, gateway user, groups created by gateway users, admins, etc
      3. SciGaP admins/team need a way to communicate with either all the user groups or selected user groups for a specific gateway or for all gateway.
      4. The communication could be through email, or if the users have provided phone number and want to receive text messages. Sending text messages could be the second phase of this implementation. Emails of users are already there in the system and we could start with email.
      5. The communication could be to inform unavailability of system, specific compute resources maintenance, nw application release, etc...
      6. Currently the notices are only for users when they login to the gateway portal.
      7. Similar to SciGaP team reaching out to users gateway PIs should be able to email selected users, user groups through the same method.



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