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table namespaces



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      A large cluster is a valuable shared resource. The current permission system and simple table naming structure does not allow for delegation of authority and safe partitioning within this shared resource.

      Use cases:

      1. create a namespace (like "test") and delegate the grant permission to tables created in that namespace to a user that would manage those tables. Presently, grant is never delegated.
      2. create simple "test" and "production" namespaces that are trivial for users to switch between. For example, instead of having tables "test_index" and "test_documents" the client would support "index" and "documents" with an API to support switching trivially between the the different environments.
      3. create a set of tables in a namespace called "latest" This namespace is re-created periodically with a map-reduce job. If code changes inadvertently create a corrupt "latest," users can switch to the set of tables known as "safest" In this way, users can experiment, and provide feedback on incremental improvements, while have a safe fallback.
      4. two applications hosted on the same cluster that can share a table, which has been "aliased" into their namespace. Namespace-local permissions are ignored, but a (most likely read-only) view of the table is available. This would be helpful for reference tables.
      5. quotas/priorities. Implement namespace-specific priorities and resource allocations. It is reasonable to run namespace-specific queries and ingest on production equipment. Large cluster resources are always limited, and often the only place where near-production quality software can be run at full scale.


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