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Add ability for Accumulo to store and display external Htrace traces in the Monitor pages



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      I would like to use Accumulo as the central store of trace information for my whole system (of which Accumulo is also a component). I am currently integrating the existing Accumulo HTrace trace implementation into one of the other components of my system. I would imagine that this would be also useful for other people to use in tracing their whole system.

      As such, I would like to be able to use the existing trace pages in the Monitor for displaying all these traces. I would like to add the ability to filter the traces that are displayed to particular system components (services) and/or hosts. This could be implemented using either a drop down or filter textbox to filter client-side the already de-serialised records.

      There are a number of existing tickets that relate to this work that could be done as part of this work which would centrally position Accumulo as an enabler for tracing functionality for a whole system, they include:

      1. ACCUMULO-1198
      2. ACCUMULO-1013
      3. ACCUMULO-3005

      Also, even though the Accumulo Trace implementation can be used by other components pretty much straight out of the box, it does require the accumulo-site.xml file for it to work. This probably could be refactored to not require all the site.xml for the trace server to work but some other trace config file.





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