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      Accumulo upgrade testing in the past has been very minimal and mostly manual. As a result we have run into upgrade bugs in the past. It would be nice to have a framework that makes its easy to run and write upgrade test.

      • Can be configured to use existing HDFS and zookeeper instances
      • Can be configured with 1.5.x and 1.6.x branches to build
      • Supports multiple upgrade scenarios (like clean shutdown, dirty shutdown, etc)
      • Runs a set of upgrade test (this would a be a list of test to run thats easy to add to e.g. bulk import upgrade test)

      I am thinking the framework could do the following

         1. Build or download a version of 1.5
         2. Build or download a version of 1.6
         foreach scenario {
            foreach upgrade test{
                 a. ask test for any 1.5 configuration
                 b. ask test for any 1.6 configuration
                 c. Unpack and configure 1.5  
                 d. Unpack and configure 1.6
                 e. Execute pre upgrade step of test
                 f. Execute scenario
                 g Execute post upgrade step of test

      The framework would configure the Accumulo versions, HDFS, zookeeper, and which test to run.

      It would also be use to write the framework in such a way that it could support chaining upgrade test. For example run test that upgrades from 1.4 to 1.5 to 1.6. It possible that a fresh install of 1.5 will upgrade w/o problems, but a 1.5 system was upgraded to 1.4 will not.

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