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      I did some work under ACCUMULO-1599 to split up the existing integration tests that use MiniAccumuloCluster into two separate groups for testing: those integration tests that require custom configuration and need intimate knowledge and control of MiniAccumuloCluster, and those that don't.

      Those that do, were configured to use ConfigurableMacIT, and those that don't were configured to use SimpleMacIT.

      The intention was that any test that did not need to control MiniAccumuloCluster itself, and only used the regular Accumulo API for executing its tests, could use a shared instance, represented by SimpleMacIT. Ideally, we would start this shared instance during the pre-integration-test phase of the build lifecycle, and leave it running until the post-integration-test. If this instance was not already running, a JVM-local one could be instantiated for the test to run (eg. inside Eclipse).

      An additional benefit is that we could easily transition these tests, through a single, centralized configuration option, to run against a full instance (not MiniAccumuloCluster).

      However, something changed, and some commits against ACCUMULO-1009 reintroduced some of the complexity and exposed too much through SimpleMacIT.

      We need to document the intention and clean up this class to be simple again (with no knowledge of MiniAccumuloCluster underneath).


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